Scientists have edited the DNA of the embryo in the womb

The editor cuts the genomic DNAУченые впервые отредактировали ДНК эмбриона в утробе матери

MOSCOW, 8 Oct – the Molecular biologists were first able to repair a dangerous mutation in the DNA of the fetus inside the womb, preventing early death of mice due to liver damage in the first days of their lives. Their findings and the results of experiments were presented in the journal Nature Medicine.

“Our main task is to adapt these laboratory tools to fight real diseases in the diagnosis of pregnant women. We hope that our approach will give physicians the ability to deal with mutations that either kill the child or cause severe problems after birth,” said William Perento (William Peranteau) from the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia (USA).

Genomic editor CRISPR/Cas9, named chief scientific breakthrough 2015, was created by American scientist Feng Zhang (Feng Zhang) and several other molecular biologists about three years ago, and since then it has undergone several upgrades that allow scientists to use it to edit the genome with absolute precision.

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