Scientists have discovered why people like to drink bitter coffee

Coffee festival

Ученые выяснили, почему людям нравится пить горький кофе

MOSCOW, 15 Nov – /strong>. Scientists have discovered a mutation that causes a person to drink a lot of coffee, and found an unusual explanation for why people could get used to this bitter drink. Their findings were presented in the journal Scientific Reports.

“We can assume that people, especially feel the bitter taste of the coffee will avoid it. In fact, the opposite is true – seems like people are gradually getting used to the sensation and begins to consider bright taste of coffee is not a minus, but a plus,” says Marilyn Cornelis (Cornelis Marilyn) of northwestern University in Chicago (USA).

Divination in the midst of

In recent years, scientists have begun to study how various everyday foods, including coffee, affect the health of the person and work of his body. For example, biologists long enough believed that drinking coffee and other caffeinated beverages can negatively affect the heart in people with arrhythmia, however, long-term monitoring of the health of several thousand “cores” have shown that it is not.

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