Scientists have discovered why in business there are no “good people”

ManagerУченые выяснили, почему в бизнесе нет "хороших людей"

MOSCOW, Oct 11 – /strong>. Good and decent people are extremely rare among successful businessmen for the reason that they are more likely to become bankrupt and much less value money, the more cynical entrepreneurs. To such conclusion economists and sociologists, published an article in the journal JPSP.

“We wanted to understand the relationship between flexible and setbacks in financial matters. In the past, our colleagues have already shown that the good souls usually have a lower salary and receive less credit than other people. We checked whether this is so in other areas of Finance,” says Sandra Matts (Sandra Matz) from Columbia business school in new York (USA).

It is believed that most mammals, except humans and some higher primates, are not inclined to help their fellow man and do not support friendships outside of the pack. In recent years, scientists have conducted numerous “tests of altruism,” involving chimpanzees and some other monkeys and also infants and children.

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