Scientists from the United States made the mushroom bionic “electricity generator”

Mushroom, turned into electricity generator

Ученые из США превратили гриб в бионический "генератор электричества"

MOSCOW, 8 Nov – researchers have transformed ordinary mushrooms in a kind of “green” electricity generators, inserting them inside the nanoparticles with the cyanobacteria and a network of nanoelectrodes of yarns of graphene. The results of field tests of these “living batteries” was presented in the journal Nano Letters.

“Mushroom in this case plays the role of a very comfortable habitat for these microbes, protecting and nourishing them. We first showed that people are able to create a hybrid system, forcing the representatives of two different kingdoms of life to engage in artificial symbiosis,” explains Sudip Joshi (Joshi Sudeep) from Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken (USA).

The Kingdom BioMarin

Many living organisms, including plants, bacteria and even some animals, can carry out, to produce an electric current and use it for their own purposes. Scientists for quite a long time studying how they do it, and try to improve these abilities and adapt them for practical purposes.

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