Scientists found nothing unusual in variations of the shape of the human skull

A human skull and a dozen of our closest relativesУченые не нашли ничего необычного в вариациях формы черепа человека

MOSCOW, 23 Oct – an Analysis of differences in the shape of the head in chimpanzees and other primates have shown that human skulls are no different from them in this respect and that there is no unique relationship between the evolution of different groups of people and type of their skull does not exist. To such conclusion scientists, who published an article in the journal PNAS.

“We have shown that variations in skull shape and people and monkeys, first of all, depends on random mutations and variations in the genome, and not from “directional” natural selection or the need to solve some specific tasks. This should be considered when analyzing the remains of ancient representatives of Homo,” write Michael Steiper (Michael Steiper) from the City University of new York (USA) and his colleagues.

In the 19th century scientists noticed that the shape and volume of the skull are markedly different for different individuals and even groups of people that some unscrupulous person tried to use to justify various theories of racial superiority. In fact, as shown by hundreds of later studies, no Association between skull shape, cranial capacity and intelligence does not exist.

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