Scientists estimate the number of contacts between Neanderthals and humans

Neanderthals hunt woolly rhinoceros

Ученые подсчитали число контактов между неандертальцами и людьми

MOSCOW, November 26 – /strong>. Comparison of fragments of Neanderthal DNA from the genomes of Europeans and Asians showed that our ancestors were repeatedly crossed with the first inhabitants of Eurasia in various historical periods. To such conclusion genetics, published an article in the journal Nature Ecology & Evolution.

“Recently, colleagues have shown that the ancient people were repeatedly interbred with denisovans. Our discovery, in turn, suggests that it happened almost everywhere in the Earth during the Paleolithic, although these contacts are, apparently, attended only by a small group of Neanderthals,” the scientists write from temple University in Philadelphia (USA).

Traces of antiquity

Despite the resemblance, modern humans and Neanderthals evolved very different ways. The ancestors of modern humans and Neanderthals, as it is today believed scientists were divided about 650 thousand years ago, and the first left to live in Africa and are gradually colonized it, and the second migrated North and populated Europe and Asia.

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