Scientists dispelled the myth about the abnormally long life of rich people

Piles of money

Ученые развеяли миф о аномально долгой жизни богатых людей

MOSCOW, 29 Oct – /strong>. The unusually long life of rich people was a fiction – they live about the same as the poor. To such conclusion the Danish economists that published a new version of the statistics on the mortality of rich people and beggars in the journal PNAS.

“We found that the influence of income on life expectancy is greatly overstated, if not to take into account that not all rich people remain till the end of life, and not all poor people are doomed to poverty. This is important not only for understanding how inequality affects the longevity of people but also of ensuring universal health care,” said Tostrup Krainer (Thustrup Kreiner) from the University of Copenhagen (Denmark).

The burden of the poor

Over the years scientists have uncovered many examples of how the social position of the animal in the flock affects his body, the lifespan and a number of other things. For example, in 2011, biologists found that the status of alpha male is very expensive given the baboons, whereas in macaques, on the contrary, it was associated with a longer life.

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