S-300 in Syria: radical change of the matrix

Unloading anti-aircraft missile systems s-300 in SyriaС-300 в Сирии: кардинальная смена матрицы© Ministry of defence Hinformation about new tests of the F-35 is part of the larger “reformatting” in the middle East, which began after the supply to Syria the s-300. Experts point to a radical change in the balance of forces, including strategic balance.

Multi-role fighter-bomber F-35 needs additional testing. This is the conclusion arrived at in the Pentagon. After the huge international public relations campaign dedicated to this machine that supposedly can do everything, and the enemy is powerless before them. And after all that noteworthy, to such conclusion the American military came after the deliveries of Russian s-300 to Syria, determined, as all well remember the unfriendly behavior of Israel and the death of a military aircraft of Russian air force Il-20. In the United States about the transfer of these complexes were not kidding just lazy, saying that weak technique, and not very modern. The Israeli side stated that this anti-missile system is “blind” in front of the F-35, which Israel had intended to continue the strikes on the positions of Iran and Hezbollah in Syria.

However, after a fairly short pause in Washington has any doubt – and it is the perfect the latest U.S. military aircraft of the fifth generation? So whether invisible to s-300? It seems that ambition and self-confidence of manufacturers and customers in the face of the Pentagon and Israel scattered like the morning mist. Otherwise it would never have occurred to conduct additional expensive tests tested-particpating apparatus. In the specialized press and writing: the plan of the Americans to create the invisible super machine didn’t work.

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It is interesting and different. The F-35 and was created with a view to counter the s-300 and dodging its missiles in combat, especially as to the elements of the Russian system of the United States had access via third countries. So here’s the thing – only to earlier versions. Modernized SAM got the latest technology and components, which dramatically increased the efficiency of the complex. However, in the United States and Israel find comfort in the fact that delivered Syria s-300 will “cover” not the whole country, and only part of it. In such cases, they say – first step is the hardest. If something like this tragedy with Il-20 – forbid, of course, God – again, under the “umbrella” of the Russian SAM can be already the entire territory of the Syrian Arab Republic. However, in order not to bring the situation to a systemic crisis in the near future to Moscow for talks with Vladimir Putin will arrive Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Common sense has not been canceled, although sometimes he refuses.

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