Russian chemists have discovered superconducting compound of uranium

This is how the artist imagined the crystal structure of uranium compoundsРоссийские химики открыли сверхпроводящие соединения урана

MOSCOW, 15 Oct – /strong>. Scientists from Russia, China and the USA predicted and experimentally established a new uranium compounds, some of which has superconducting properties. Their findings were presented in the journal Science Advances.

“We received the results of the most remarkable two things. First, the incredibly rich chemistry of hydrides of uranium under pressure, most of which does not fit the rules of classical chemistry. And secondly, the possibility of their receiving and superconductivity under very low pressures, perhaps up to atmospheric” — says Artem Oganov, Professor of Skoltech and MIPT.

The chemistry of success

In recent years physicists have discovered or created some types of superconductors that can work at very high temperatures, which in the best cases only reaches minus 70 degrees Celsius, which is almost attainable in natural conditions. For example, the following properties were opened three years ago, Russian and German chemists of ordinary sulphide, compressed up to a million atmospheres.

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