Russia reacts to the United States at the new start Treaty and the INF Treaty, Lavrov said

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov. Россия реагирует на вопросы США по ДСНВ и ДРСМД, заявил Лавров Ilya Pitalev

MOSCOW, 22 Oct — Russia reacts to the United States under the Treaty on strategic offensive arms and the Treaty on intermediate-range and shorter-range hopes for the same approach of the United States, said Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

“And against the start Treaty and the INF Treaty relationship there are issues that require professional, not megaphone, not a microphone in accordance with the procedures in each of these treaties pledged, including within the framework of the ad hoc intergovernmental mechanisms: the professional expert to discuss any emerging issues. We own approaches and in relation to the Treaty on intermediate and shorter-range missiles, and in respect of the strategic arms reduction Treaty III has made quite a long time and particularly” — said Lavrov.

“We are interested in the fact that the United States gave us their responses. In turn, we already respond to the questions that we address the United States and use to do this, the existing mechanisms,” Lavrov added.

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