Russia, Jordan and the United States will discuss the situation in the camp, Rukman

Syrian refugees in the camp, Ryban.

Россия, Иордания и США обсудят ситуацию в лагере Рукбан
© 2018 AFP / Khalil Mazraawi

MOSCOW, 7 Nov — the Representatives of Russia, Jordan, USA and international humanitarian organizations on November 11 to discuss the disastrous situation in the Syrian refugee camp, Lukban, said Wednesday the foreign Ministry representative Ilya Morgunov at the joint meeting of the Interdepartmental coordinating staff of Russia and Syria on the return of refugees.

“On November 11 the planned meeting in Amman with the participation of representatives of the United States. Embassy of Russia in Amman fixes the lack of a common approach to solving the problem Rukmana among those present in Jordan, international organizations. For example, WFP, UNICEF, ICRC advocate for increased humanitarian assistance to the same incline and the United States, while the resident coordinator of the UN in Amman for the speedy resettlement of refugees in Syria,” said Morgunov.

In turn, the head of the National control center of defense, Colonel-General Michael Mezentsev said that today as never before we need a principled decision on return from the camp, Rukman Syrians who find themselves in difficult situations, in places of permanent residence.

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