Russia has proposed to liquidate the base in Et Tape, said Gerasimov

American soldiers near the settlement of al-TANF, Syria.

Россия предлагала США ликвидировать базу в Эт-Танфе, заявил Герасимов
© Photo : Staff Sgt. Jacob Connor

MOSCOW, 5 Dec — Russia has proposed to liquidate the base in Et Tante in Syria and to establish a joint control, but the United States did not answer, said Wednesday the chief of the General staff of the Russian Armed forces Valery Gerasimov.

“We proposed to eliminate the zone and establish a joint Russian-American control over the border crossing, but the American partners left our proposals without a response,” he said.

As noted by Gerasimov, the Americans justify the advisability of its military presence in Et Tape the need to counter Iran, which supposedly uses the Syrian-Iraqi border to move to Syria of arms and military equipment.

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