Russia can partially replace USA in the supply of soybean in China

The harvester unloads beans during harvesting soybeans.

Россия может частично заместить США в поставках сои в Китай
Igor Onuchin

BEIJING, 7 Nov — the Chairman of the government of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev during his visit to China said that Russia could partially replace the U.S. to supply soybeans to China.

“Soy is such a culture, which is very popular in China, the Chinese market is huge, around 95 million tons of soybeans they export annually, including 30 million, even more, they are exported from the United States of America,” — said Medvedev, answering questions of journalists during his visit to China.

Given the trade problems that have arisen in relations between these countries, some of this soy segment was freed, he said.

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