Rotten shark and dancing corpses: worst museums in the world

The anatomical exhibition of real human bodies Body Worlds in Leipzig, Germany. 3 June 2010Протухшая акула и танцующие трупы: самые отвратительные музеи мира© AFP 2018 / Jan Woitas / Dpa

MOSCOW, 14 Oct — Roasted Guinea pig and rotten cheese with maggots in Sweden the Museum of disgusting food. recalls other terrible and controversial exhibition spaces, which are popular in the world.

Museum of disgusting food

In the third largest city of Sweden, malmö, gather the exhibition of 80 of the most disgusting dishes of world cuisine — of course, from the point of view of Europeans, as citizens of the countries from which came the food, consider them delicacies. Museum of disgusting food, will open on 31 October, but on the website and social networks as already presented some of the exhibits.

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Su Callu Sardu or kid Goat’s rennet cheese. It’s called Sardinian Viagra and the taste is described as gasoline and ammonia mixed with wax. #disgustingfood #foodporn

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