Putin promised to respond in case of breach of the INF Treaty

President Of Russia Vladimir Putin.

Путин пообещал ответить в случае разрыва договора о РСМД
Mikhail Klimentyev

MOSCOW, 5 Dec – Russia opposes the destruction of the Treaty on intermediate and shorter-range missiles (INF Treaty), but will be forced to react to the exit of the United States, said on Wednesday Russian President Vladimir Putin, noting that Washington took the decision to withdraw long before the public announcement.

In particular, answering a question of journalists, the President noted that the U.S. Congress before the announcement of Washington’s withdrawal from the INF Treaty has allocated money for the creation of these missiles.

“That is a decision made long ago, just quietly, they thought we wouldn’t notice it, but it’s in the Pentagon’s budget is already, the development of these missiles, but only after it publicly announced that they are going”, — said Putin.

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