Pushkov commented on the statement by Condoleezza rice about “containment of Russia”and 07.10.2018

Alexei Pushkov. Пушков прокомментировал заявление Кондолизы Райс о "сдерживании России"и, 07.10.2018 Ilya Pitalev

MOSCOW, 7 Oct — the Ukrainian Army will never be a serious challenge and a deterrent to Russia, said the Russian Senator Alexey Pushkov, commenting on the words of the American ex-Secretary of state Condoleezza rice about arming the Ukrainian army.

Previously, rice has advocated for the continuation of the sanctions policy towards Russia and stated that he supports arming Ukrainian military, the placement of the battalions of NATO in Poland and the Baltic States, as the Russian government has “crossed all possible red lines and deserve an adequate response”.

“Method of “containment” of Russia through arms of Ukraine, proposed by Condoleezza rice, is nothing more than a sign of weakness. The army of Ukraine will never be a serious challenge for Russia. Rice was aggressive, but her statement is banal and empty. It would be better just said that she has nothing to say”, — Pushkov wrote on Twitter.

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