Psychologists have called the danger of Instagram for health

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Психологи назвали опасность Instagram для здоровья

MOSCOW, 11 Nov — Psychologists from the University of Pennsylvania in the US found that for a long time in social networks increases the sense of loneliness and lead to depression. Their work is published in the journal of Social and Clinical Psychology.

Your research specialists conducted among 143 students who actively use Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. Before that, conducted a survey to determine the mood and well-being of volunteers, and also measured the average time of activity in social networks using the statistics of the iPhone.

Then all students were divided into two groups. In the first, which served as a control, the volunteers gave the networks the same amount of time as before. Members of the second group, the pilot spent on each of the social networks is not more than ten minutes a day. The experiment lasted for three weeks.

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