Protection winnick has asked France to cancel the European warrant of arrest

Alexander Vinnik.

Защита Винника требует от Франции аннулировать европейский ордер об аресте
© AFP 2018 / Sakis Mitrolidis

ATHENS, November 5 — Gennady Melnik. In France filed a lawsuit for the annulment of the European warrant on arrest of Russian citizen Alexander winnick, the French authorities refused to grant the defence the opportunity to review the documents that underlie his criminal prosecution and issued a warrant for his arrest, said the head of the group of lawyers of the Russian Timofey Musatov.

Vinnik were arrested in Greece on the basis of the American extradition request on charges of laundering billions of dollars. His extradition is sought by Russia. 15 June France had issued a European warrant of arrest winnik, accusing him of hacking into the email of thousands of people and extorting money from them. According to the indictment, winnick committed crimes prior to June 14, 2018, and that means straight out of Greek prison

European warrant provides for a simplified procedure of extradition of persons at the request of a member country of the European Union.

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