Protection of Butini believes that Washington is hiding vital clues, media reports said

The pattern of meetings of the Federal court in Washington in Maria’s case ButinaiЗащита Бутиной считает, что Вашингтон скрывает важные улики, сообщили СМИ© AP Photo / Dana Verkouteren

MOSCOW, 23 Oct — the lawyers of the arrested in USA Russian women’s Butini said that the US government is holding evidence that could help their client, according to the Hill newspaper, citing a letter to assistant Prosecutor Eric Kenerson.

According to lawyers, the government hides information that should be disclosed in accordance with the “Brady rule”. Under this rule, the prosecution must share exculpatory evidence with the defense.

As stated by the lawyers, the hidden information “will undermine the allegations in the indictment, would lead to distrust of the government case, will question the state’s witnesses and show that Mary Butina was actually just a student with noble aspirations and act independently and not as a foreign agent”.

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