Protection accused of hacking Nikulin did not rule out its translation to the clinic

Courtroom in the United States. Защита обвиняемого в хакерстве Никулина не исключила его перевод в клинику© Flickr / Eric E Johnson

WASHINGTON, Oct 9 – the Doctor’s Evgenii Nikulin, whom the US trial for hacking into several websites, after investigating his case may recommend to transfer him to the hospital, told the detainee’s lawyer Arkady Bukh.

Provided that the Nikulin will agree to it, the defense would not object to this recommendation.

According to Buch, if at the hearing, the ninth of October, “according to the results of interviews and study of documents of the doctor recommended hospitalization, and the judge will agree with the recommendation (he may also request the opinion of another expert) and the Nikulin will not be against it, I will not object”.

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