Present your social rating: how to make China weak again

USA flag on the background emblem of China in Beijing.

Предъявите ваш социальный рейтинг: как сделать Китай снова слабым
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Dmitry Kosyrev, a political commentator MIA “Russia today”

The guardians of the American and other Western liberty found another reason to talk about what a terrible country China. The reason, however, they themselves and created another “freedom rating” for China, issued by the Heritage Foundation. And here is a comment from the same Fund, is dedicated to only one topic: China will fail, because they created a system of “social ranking”, that is, a unified nation for all digital evaluation of human behavior. You have no need of rating — have problems in everything.

About you this story surely heard. How do we describe the diabolical Chinese invention? So, across China with millions, and even tens of millions of cameras (and don’t forget adoring high technology Chinese leaders in face recognition). You cross the street in the wrong place and the camera will automatically reduce you a few points in the rating. Your relatives have criticized Beijing officials for corruption — here the camera is no longer needed and reduced your rating even more. But honest labor and nestandartnost improvement.

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