Pompeo said that the United States did not seek the containment of China

The flags of the United States and China. Помпео заявил, что США не стремятся к сдерживанию Китая© 2018 AFP / Wang Zhao

BEIJING, 8 Oct — the United States and China have differences on many issues, but Washington is not opposed to the development of China, he had no aspirations to containment of Beijing, said on Monday the US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo at the meeting with the Minister of foreign Affairs of China Wang I.

“China and USA have obvious differences on many issues, but the US is not opposed to the development of China, Washington has no intentions to block China, also we have no policy for the full containment of China,” said Pompeo, whose words are contained in the statement on the website of the Chinese foreign Ministry.

He noted that “the United States and China are the two largest economies and most influential countries, they together have a great responsibility for the prosperity and peace in the world”.

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