Plan “Penthouse” is revealing the provocation by the CIA against Putin and trump

The headquarters of the CIA in Langley, Virginia.

План "Пентхауз": раскрыта провокация ЦРУ против Путина и Трампа
© AP Photo / J. Scott Applewhite

Ivan Danilov, the author of the blog the Crimson Alter

“Witch hunt”, which so actively complains the President of the United States, brought a new result. This time Trump had to deal with betrayal in his own organization: from four employees of trump, according to American media leaked the FBI investigators to disrupt the plan for the transfer of the Russian President “bribe” the size of $ 50 million. Despite the fact that the plan senior Trump Organization failed, it is possible that the American President theme “bribes for Putin” will be a source not only of headache and media difficulties, but also problems of a legal nature. In this context, it is possible that trump has refrained from official meetings with the Russian leader at the G20 summit still in order not to give the journalists an extra reason to update the theme “penthouse for Putin.” Plus the Vladimir Putin could use this incident as a joke, which might hurt the sensitive feelings of the American leader.

American journalists claim that they were acquainted with the essence of the scheme, allegedly developed in the depths of the Trump Organization right in the midst of the American election campaign in 2016, and the funny thing is, this scheme allegedly wore for the most part commercial in nature, but political opponents of the trump, it’s unlikely something will convince, because the fact of continuing direct contacts in Moscow in the middle of trump’s circle after his victory in the Republican primaries is itself a direct proof of collusion the future American President with the Kremlin.

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