Physicists from the UK have discovered a new form of “crystal” nitrogen

Diamond anvil, which is tearing the hydrogen molecule in the representation of the artist

Физики из Британии открыли новую форму "кристаллического" азота

MOSCOW, Nov 9 – /strong>. Compressing nitrogen up to ultrahigh pressures turns it into a solid crystalline material with unique properties, having an extremely complex structure. The first atomic pictures of “solid nitrogen” was published in the journal Nature Communications.

“We hope that our experiences will attract the attention of other scientists who also begin to explore why a relatively simple chemical elements can form such complex structures. Solve this mystery, in turn, will pave the way for the search for even more interesting crystals,” says Robin Turnbull (Robin Turnbull) from the University of Edinburgh (Scotland).

Fire and ice

Almost all of the elements and chemical compounds that exist in the Universe, can take on four different aggregate forms of matter – to become solid, liquid, gas and plasma. These transformations, the so-called phase transitions, for many centuries are studied by physicists, and scientists can not confidently say that they fully understand all of these processes.

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