Peskov called the greeting Putin and trump secondary element

The President of the United States Donald trump at the ceremony of the meeting of heads of delegations of the States members of the Group of twenty. 30 Nov 2018

Песков назвал приветствие Путина и Трампа вторичным элементом
Vladimir Astapkovich

BUENOS AIRES, Dec 1 – the greeting of the presidents of Russia and USA Vladimir Putin and Donald trump a second time, important meetings to discuss security issues, said the press-Secretary of Russian leader Dmitry Peskov.

“A handshake was. They greeted each other or not is absolutely unimportant. These are secondary elements that are absolutely probably not worth paying attention to. We are talking about what is needed to meet the presidents of the two countries,” — said Peskov told reporters.

According to him, the agenda of the two countries there is an acute debate not only in the interests of the Russian Federation and the United States, but Europe, Southeast Asia and around the world.

Песков назвал приветствие Путина и Трампа вторичным элементом
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