Parallel life: the plants were found “feelings”

The girl and the birchПараллельная жизнь: у растений обнаружились "чувства"

MOSCOW, 12 Oct — Tatiana Pichugina. Plants have no brain and nerve cells, compared to animals, they seem insensitive. However, biologists know that the representatives of this group of multicellular organisms receive external information and process it, can communicate with each other using chemical signals. Needless to say about the “intelligence” of plants — in the material

What will replace the nerves and the brain

Delicate white flowers of the wood anemone — ornament of the forests of the middle band. Often you can see her petals fold, though Sunny day is in full swing. So, wait for rain. Removing flowers, a small plant protects them from water and wind.

In the world of flora has many similar mechanisms to the spot to adapt to changing weather conditions, to protect themselves from pests, to heal, to get nutrients.

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