Opinion: the United States after the purchase of the India-400 feel uncomfortable

Anti-aircraft missile system s-400Мнение: США после покупки Индией С-400 чувствуют себя некомфортно Dmitry Winogradowii USA Donald trump has promised to respond to the purchase by India of the Russian complexes With-400. Political analyst Stanislav Bychok on radio Sputnik expressed an opinion on what measures could be taken by Washington.

The US President Donald trump has promised to soon give the answer of India to purchase the latest anti-aircraft missile systems s-400 “Triumph”.

“India learns. You will see sooner than you think”, – he answered a question of journalists, whether the United States to answer for the purchase of Russian systems.

As stated earlier the chief of staff of the Indian land forces Bipin Rawat New Indian Express, in new Delhi to realize that Washington could impose on the country sanctions over the purchase of Russian s-400. Despite this, India intends to continue to pursue an independent policy, he said.

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