Open Moon: how NASA and Roscosmos prepare for deep space exploration

Moon baseОткрытая Луна: как НАСА и Роскосмос готовятся к освоению дальнего космоса

MOSCOW, 10 Oct – /strong>. Jim Breidenstein, the head of NASA, spoke at MSU on how the building will be the first international space station orbiting the moon, why when it was created will be used space version of the concept of Open Source, and promised that politics will not interfere with the cooperation of Russia and USA in space.

The road to the moon

The first rumors about the possibility of building “sister ISS” in orbit of the moon appeared in the autumn of 2016, when a closed meeting was held of the International group for the development of spacecraft ISCWG. Within its framework representatives of these five space-faring Nations to discuss international plans for space exploration and where the progress of mankind, after the withdrawal of the ISS out of service in mid-2020.

In September last year, the representatives of Roscosmos and NASA officially confirmed these plans and signed a Memorandum on cooperation in creating the LOP-G, under which Russia was to create a gateway module lunar station. Subsequent negotiations, as noted by sources in March this year, has stalled as Russian side did not suit her role in this project.

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