Not the nail in the “sovereign’s eye”. Trump fired the US attorney General and Roman sessions

Attorney General Jeff sessions gives testimony at the meeting of the intelligence Committee of the U.S. Senate. 13 Jun 2017

Не в бровь, а в "государево око". Трамп уволил генпрокурора США Сешнса
© AFP 2018 / Brendan SmialowskiЗнал Minister of justice that trump would not dare to expel him, not to incur charges in the massacre with the investigation. You can guess how hyped would the Democrats before the elections to the Congress. Now – is another matter.

Не в бровь, а в "государево око". Трамп уволил генпрокурора США Сешнса
Not the nail in the “sovereign’s eye”. Trump fired the US attorney General Sensuais browser does not support HTML5 audioЭто not waving fists after a fight. This is a continuation of the fight after a knockdown. After all, the house of representatives the Democrats have a trump pressed. What does a boxer, who lost balance, but not consciousness? Demonstrates courage and willingness to continue the fight before the referee finishes the count. And that confidence in their own strength, no one was never in doubt and, above all, the enemy catches on to the fact openly. Sometimes too open. For the oncoming blow.

So after Trump though not quite disastrous but not very successful performance in the midterm elections had to do something that he did not dare to them. Not otherwise he would not have proven that the “stunning success” is not empty words, and he actually now can afford everything. He could, for example, immediately at all, as happened after the presidential victory to call Putin and suggest a meeting, without waiting for Paris. Especially since there Makron acted up. He could revise anti-Russian sanctions are not in the direction of tightening, and as promised. To Recognize The Crimea. And don’t blame Obama, but the principle.

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But for a start, he fired his Minister of justice, Jeff and Roman sessions. So-so, of course, the counterattack on the Democrats, assuming that sessions is a staunch Republican. But, first, he is from those about whom they say that with such friends and enemies do not. Secondly, it was also the nail on the head. Though it turns out that knocked trump’s own “sovereign’s eye”. Well, what choice did he have if it was cut the wrong way and winked off. Just wait, when will be an appropriate occasion to deal with him.

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