“Not stole, just took.” In the United States make a pirate “kalashnikovy”

A visitor inspects a machine gun RPK-16 concern Kalashnikov on international military-technical forum Army-2016"Не украл, а просто взял". В США сделают пиратские "Калашниковы" Eugene Bicovariance military are going to produce Russian weapons. Adult: without any licenses. And does not shy.

In the United States want to make their “Kalashnikov”, write the American media. Specifically, the special command forces (USSOCOM) urgently needed to build the country’s unlicensed production of the modernized Kalashnikov machine gun (PKM) and heavy machine gun NSV “Utes”.

Already had a contest: who will be the most clever will get a grant. It is expected that potential suppliers themselves somehow procure (or create) the technical documentation and will establish the production of something similar to the “Rock” and RMB. That is, apparently, will buy on the black market of the Russian guns, disassemble them, grind out the same items, collect – and here they are again, but with the mark made in the USA. Great plan.

Interest in these weapons is clear – explain it and the Americans. Say view video of any conflict, such as Iraq and Syria – and get a response. They say that many there are using Soviet/Russian machine guns. And despite the fact that the US supply of their weapons “some of these groups”, those still looking for “Kalash” and spare parts to them. In General, therefore, the Washington, apparently, is trying to replace the Moscow – can not make their own weapons so that everyone wanted to buy it, then have to fake a Russian who already has a positive reputation.

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