Nine private companies will deliver the spacecraft NASA to the moon

Lander company Astrobotic Technology on moon

Девять частных компаний доставят аппараты НАСА на Луну

MOSCOW, 30 Nov – /strong>. Jim Bridenstine, the administrator of NASA, spoke about the signing of agreements with nine private space companies in which these corporations are able to deliver probes and Rovers space Agency to the moon next year. This is the website of the space flight Center of NASA Goddard.

“We have made another big step to return to the moon and stay there for a long time. Innovation of these companies, coupled with our scientific ambitions and desire for discovering new corners of the universe, will help us to achieve tremendous success on the moon and pave the way to Mars,” — said the head of NASA.

Manned space exploration and the return of the man on the moon became one of the main tasks of NASA after winning Donald trump in the presidential elections of 2016. The President of the United States and Jim Bridenstine, the future administrator of NASA, often talking about the plans to build a station orbiting the moon, landing astronauts on its surface and the creation of a “permanent infrastructure” on the satellite of our planet.

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