“New great depression”: America has already left on the beans

Harvest soy on a farm in Brownsburg, Indiana, USA. 21 Sep 2018

"Новая великая депрессия": Америка уже осталась на бобах
© AP Photo / Michael Conroy

Dmitry lekuh, /span>

Recently the expert community of the US was shaken by the news: because of the return of the customs duties of China the export of soybeans from the United States of America actually stopped. The result is not only that thousands of American farmers literally on the verge of ruin. But what has become painfully recall the times when the great “the age of ragtime” after going through a number of transformations associated with a very winning for the Americans the end of the First world war, suddenly collapsed on the already mighty US economy devastating the great Depression.

But first, in fact, the beans.

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