Neuroscientists have confirmed that dogs can understand some words

Dogs during the experiment for speech recognitionНейрофизиологи подтвердили, что собаки понимают отдельные слова

MOSCOW, 16 Oct – /strong>. Monitoring the brain function of dogs have confirmed that “man’s best friend” are able to distinguish words and is able to remember their meaning. To such conclusion scientists, who published an article in the journal Frontiers in Neuroscience.

“We know that dogs understand some aspects of human language, so how can they learn to execute different commands. On the other hand, observations of colleagues show that they can use different non-verbal “clues” – for example, a look, a gesture or emotion for the understanding of speech of the owners,” says Gregory Berns (Gregory Berns) from Emory University in Atlanta (USA).

Dogs have long been considered a kind of “Pavlov’s machines” – in fact, bio-robots, whose main goal is to search for food and reproduction. The owner in this case is for them a kind of trough, and not another living being. Recently these ideas have begun to be criticized, and many psychologists and biologists believe that human interaction itself plays an important role in the life of dogs.

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