NATO will develop a set of measures in the event of the termination of the INF Treaty

The NATO emblem. archive photo

Страны НАТО выработают набор мер на случай прекращения ДРСМД
Alexei Vitvitskiy

BRUSSELS, 4 December – NATO Countries intend to jointly develop a set of measures in the event of termination of the INF Treaty, this scenario is likely, said on Tuesday to journalists by the Secretary General of the Alliance Jens Stoltenberg.

“We will continue to discuss this issue in the framework of NATO. Together we will develop a set of answers, we will do this in a balanced, thoughtful manner because this is very serious, and we need to analyze the consequences of each step,” he said.

“I’m sorry that now we will probably see the end of the INF Treaty, but we had no other alternative but to respond in this way. Because no agreement will not work if observed only by one side,” he said.

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