NATO has prepared a “response” to the Russian submarines, the media are writing

Nuclear submarine of project 949 in the roads on the basis of 16-th red banner squadron of submarines of the Pacific fleet in Vilyuchinsk. НАТО подготовило "ответ" российским подлодкам, пишут СМИ Alexey Kudenko

MOSCOW, October 23 — /strong>. The member countries of NATO will be engaged in the development of unmanned marine systems to counter the threat posed by Russian submarines, says Defence News.

In July, the countries signed a plan on joint development of technologies aimed at countering sea mines and underwater trays, reports the edition with reference to the published in October press release.
“The use of unmanned systems may become a turning point in the race marine technology”, — said in the release.

It is noted that sharing of traditional naval armaments and drones to improve “control of the seas” for the countries-members of NATO.

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