NASA scientists told about the first results of planting InSight

The first picture with the main camera of the probe InSight after removing the cover

Ученые НАСА рассказали о первых итогах посадки InSight

MOSCOW, Dec 3 – /strong>. InSight lander descended to the surface of Mars in the right place. Scientists have found traces of large boulders and other obstacles, which interfere with borax and observations mercurysteam, said NASA.

“We were hoping we land in the sandy area where there is little stones and rocks. Our hopes were realized and we are very happy. We can say that we were in a Mars “sandbox” that will make our lives and our “mole” much easier,” said Tom Hoffman (Tom Hoffman) of the jet propulsion Laboratory of NASA in Pasadena (USA).

The descent module InSight made last week’s successful landing on the plain of Elysium near the equator of Mars. He became the official successor of another probe-geologist NASA lander Phoenix, stranded on Mars in may 2008 for the search of traces of life and water in the soil.

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