NASA probe conveyed to Earth the first after the rendezvous with the Sun signal

The Parker probe Solar Probe in the representation of the artist

Зонд НАСА передал на Землю первый после сближения с Солнцем сигнал

WASHINGTON, Nov 8 – the NASA Probe Solar Probe Parker successfully moved closer to the Sun and transmitted the first signal to the Earth, said the us space Agency.

Parker Solar Probe close to the Sun at a distance of 24 million kilometers, becoming the first human-made spacecraft has reached that distance from the star. On Wednesday in the second half of the day, the mission received the first signal from the probe.

“Signal received – signal A — is the best of all possible, and suggests that Parker Solar Probe operates normally and all of his tools work and collect data and, if there were minor problems, they were solved by the apparatus automatically,” said NASA.

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