Mother booth will have to send US a special form for access to son

Russian businessman Viktor Bout.

Матери Бута придется отправить в США специальную анкету для допуска к сыну
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BANGKOK, Nov 8 – the Octogenarian mother of Russian businessman Viktor bout, who is serving in the US 25-year sentence on charges in the preparation of the conspiracy to murder U.S. citizens and material support of terrorism will have to fill and forward to US a special form to the prison authorities could decide the question of its admission to visit son in prison, said in a letter to the Directorate of prisons, Marion, Illinois, directed to the Russian Commissioner for human rights Tatyana Moskalkova in response to the request.

A copy of a letter from the U.S. prison passed, the wife of Viktor bout, Alla Bout, in which the request was sent to the U.S. request Tatiana Moskalkova.

“As the issuance of permits for Dating the next of kin of a prisoner the prison management is guided by the information contained in the pre-prigovorom the report concluded, and in the case of Mr. booth’s report contains controversial information about his mother, the need to fill the questionnaire BP-A0629 (information about the visitor). MS Raisa Kuzminichna Booth will have to fill out a form and send to jail Marion. Upon receipt of the questionnaire will be made a thorough investigation and its results adviser of the Department of correction will decide to add her name to the list of allowed visitors or to refuse it”, — is spoken in the letter signed by the Director of the prison.

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