More than 400 illegal migrants managed to get into the USA from Mexico, the media are writing

The caravan of migrants from Central America moving to the USA

Более 400 нелегальных мигрантов сумели попасть в США из Мексики, пишут СМИ
© REUTERS / Go Nakamura

MEXICO city, 5 Dec – more than 400 migrants without the relevant documents managed to get from Mexico to the United States in the area of El Paso, said the Agency Notimex, citing the United States border patrol.

According to the Agency, they all surrendered to us authorities in order to ask for asylum. Among them are women and children, and the process of putting patrol took all Monday.

As the representative of the border patrol in El Paso Fidel Tank, it is not clear whether these people in caravans of migrants from Central America who since October, moving towards the border in Mexico.

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