Moallem ruled out the possibility of federalization of Syria

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Syria Walid Muallem. Муаллем исключил возможность федерализации Сирии Sergey Mamontov

DAMASCUS, Oct 15 — the Speech on the federalization of Syria is not, as it would contradict the Constitution of the SAR, said the foreign Minister of Syria, Walid-muallim.

“Have you read the Constitution? There is something about federalization? The proposal is contrary to the Constitution and we, as a nation, respect the Constitution of the SAR, and you can’t break,” — said Muallem reporters at a joint press conference with Iraqi counterpart Ibrahim Jaafari, asked about the possibility of federalization of ATS in connection with the demand of Kurds East of the Euphrates about the government.

Moallem said that the Kurds themselves need to decide their fate in the future. “The Kurds must decide whether they will continue to count on the support of the United States, or have they learned the lessons of past decades, when they formed an Alliance with the major powers and then, suddenly, these powers were removed. They themselves have to decide what is their future”, — said the Minister.

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