Military expert: India has demonstrated that it is a sovereign power

The police on the eve of independence Day in new Delhi, IndiaВоенный эксперт: Индия продемонстрировала, что она – суверенная держава© AP Photo / Tsering TopgyalВ of India responded to the threat of U.S. sanctions over the purchase of Russian s-400. As noted on radio Sputnik military analyst Alexander Zhilin, Washington is not strong enough to dominate everywhere.

Indian authorities recognize that the United States can impose against the country’s sanctions over the purchase of Russian s-400, told the New Indian Express the chief of staff of the Indian land forces Bipin Rawat.

“But we conduct an independent policy”, – he stressed.

The General also added that Russia “should not worry” because of the strengthening of relations between new Delhi and Washington.

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