Military expert about the forecast of the Pentagon about the “potential of Russia”: it is insulting to them, of course

The headquarters of the Ministry of defense

Военный эксперт о прогнозе Пентагона про "потенциал РФ": обидно им, конечно
CC BY 2.0 / Arlington County / Pentagon the Pentagon said that Russia will not be able to sustain its military potential. On radio Sputnik statement was commented by a member of the Expert Council of the military-industrial complex, military expert Viktor murakhovski.

Russia in the years 2025-2035 is unlikely to represent for US the same threat as China, the Chairman of the joint chiefs of staff of the Armed forces of the United States General Joseph Dunford. In his opinion, Russia is unlikely to maintain the potential at the same level as now.

“There’s a declining demographic and economic indicators,” he said in a speech at Duke University, which was broadcast on the website of the Pentagon.

China has more opportunities for capacity building, said Dunford. “I think the next 20-30 years, it is necessary to consider China as a threat,” concluded the American General.

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