Media spending on campaign during the midterm elections in the United States

Midterm elections in the U.S. Congress. 06.11.2018

СМИ рассказали о тратах на кампании в ходе промежуточных выборов в США
© AP Photo / Robert F. Bukaty

MOSCOW, 7 Nov — the Amount of money spent by all candidates during the current election campaigns, will be approximately $ 5 billion, making these the most expensive midterm election in U.S. history, informs television channel Fox News, citing the results of the study.

The study was conducted by the nonprofit Center for responsible politics, which tracks spending on campaigns. The sum includes money spent by candidates, parties, political action committees (PAC) and third-party groups.

“We expect that the numbers will grow, as it usually happens, but the amazing surge of donations to the campaign was a strong indication of their intensity this year,” said the center’s Director, Sheila Krumholz.

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