Media called the cause of the crash of a military plane in Georgia

At the crash site of an American military transport aircraft C-130 Hercules in Georgia. 2 may 2018

СМИ назвали причину крушения военного самолета в Джорджии
© Photo : The Savannah Professional Firefighters Association

MOSCOW, 11 Nov — the Cause of the crash of a military aircraft in the U.S. state of Georgia, which claimed the lives of nine people, was the pilot’s error, according to the local newspaper the Savannah Morning News, citing a report of the Council on investigation, the U.S. air force.

Military transport aircraft Lockheed C-130 crashed on may 2. On Board were four passengers and five crew members, they all died. The plane crashed on a highway shortly after takeoff. He headed the so-called “dustbin of aviation technology”, which is located at a military air base Davis-Montand in Arizona. The aircraft was assigned to the 156-th aviation division of the National guard of Puerto Rico.

According to the newspaper, the cause of the crash was pilot’s error. “The crew was unable to adequately prepare for emergency situations, was not able to abort the takeoff and did not respond properly after take-off”, — quotes the edition endurance from the report.

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