Mattis supported the idea of establishing a Memorial cross in the cemetery of Fort Ross

Pentagon Chief James Mattis. Мэттис поддержал идею установить Поклонный крест на кладбище форта Росс© 2018 AFP / John Thys

FORT ROSS (USA), 14 Oct — the Pentagon chief James Mattis supported the idea of installing the cross and bringing Orthodox cemetery at Fort Ross in California, told reporters on Saturday Russian Ambassador to the U.S. Anatoly Antonov.

“Appealed to the Minister of defense of the United States of America, General (James) Mattis. Told him about our plans, what we have here is a military memorial burial here sailors buried us. And was very pleased that General Mattis has supported us. Sure he gave the necessary commands,” said the Ambassador.

According to the Ambassador, to the meeting with Mattis, he received the support of California Governor Jerry brown.

“I think we will do much more to strengthen the Russian presence in this corner of the earth. We have a lot of plans,” the diplomat added, declining to give more details.

Fort Ross was founded in 1812 by the Russian-American company on the Pacific coast of California 80 miles from San Francisco to fishing and the fur trade. In 1841 the company sold its property to large landowner John Sutter.

Currently, the Fort is a state historic Park of California, which since the nineteenth century preserved home of the last Russian commandant Rotchev object of historical value of national importance.

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Located near the cemetery, became the first Orthodox cemetery in California. 131 there discovered the tomb, buried not only the Russian sailors, workers, peasants, but also imported from Alaska hunters, workers and members of their families and Christianized the indigenous people. Due to the fact that the sailors are buried there, the cemetery received the status of military burial.

Michael Tourview California at the Orthodox cemetery opened Memorial crossМэттис поддержал идею установить Поклонный крест на кладбище форта Росс Michael Tourview California at the Orthodox cemetery opened Memorial cross

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