Maduro said, who had instructed him to organize an assassination attempt

The security personnel during an assassination attempt on the President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro. 4 August 2018Мадуро рассказал, кто дал указание организовать на него покушение© AP Photo / Xinhua

MEXICO city, 12 Oct – Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Thursday again accused the U.S. of organizing the attempt on his life, saying Washington was allegedly given an appropriate indication of the Columbia.

“Say to the whole world that the instruction to kill Maduro, joined the government in Bogota from the White house that wants to kill me,” said Maduro on state television.

The assassination attempt on Maduro occurred August 4, when during a military parade in Caracas to the podium where he was headed a few drones with explosives. Maduro himself was not injured and accused in the assassination of the opposition, ex-President of Colombia Juan Manuel Santos and the United States.

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