Life expectancy can fall sharply by 2040, say scientists

A homeless man in the hat let’s Make America great again in the bus in Los AngelesПродолжительность жизни может резко упасть к 2040 году, заявляют ученые

MOSCOW, Oct 17 – /strong>. Of the HIV epidemic, diabetes, obesity and air pollution can significantly reduce the average life expectancy in the world by mid-century. To such conclusion came the experts of the United Nations, published an article in the Lancet.

“Do not think that it will happen – there are many trajectories of development of health systems in the world, each of which has a fairly wide variation. Our destiny, in other words, depends on how well we solve current key issues are most important to the health of people today and in the future,” said Kyle foreman (Kyle Foreman) from the University of Washington in Seattle (USA).

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The typical duration of human life is not some constant value before the birth of civilization, she was between 20 to 30 years and then rose steadily with the development of science and medicine. Today people live more than 60 years in most countries of the world, and over 80 years in Japan and in other developed countries with high quality of life and excellent medicine.

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