“Letter about God” Einstein sold at auction for nearly $ 3 million

Albert Einstein.

"Письмо о Боге" Эйнштейна продали на аукционе почти за 3 миллиона долларов
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MOSCOW, 4 Dec — the “Letter about God” albert Einstein, written a year before the scientist’s death, was sold at Christie’s auction in new York for the sum of about three million dollars, according to the auction house.

“Letter of God” albert Einstein sold at auction Christie”s new York 2,892,500 dollars”, — reported in Twitter of the auction house. It is noted that the lot was initially valued at $ 1.5 million.

The letter in the original envelope dated January 3, 1954 and written in German language, the text includes several bug fixes made by the scientist. The inscription reads “A. Einstein.” The message took two pages of size 215 to 280 mm. It was the German philosopher of Jewish origin, Eric Gutkind, who worked at Princeton University. To lot attached black-and-white photograph of Gutkind.

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