Lawyer: changing the attorney General, trump brought the end of the investigation, Mueller

Attorney General Jeff sessions.

Юрист: сменив генпрокурора, Трамп приблизил конец расследования Мюллера
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WASHINGTON, Nov 9 — Changing the US attorney General, the President, Donald trump hastened the end of the “Russian” investigation Robert Mueller, and this, in turn, could eventually help improve relations with Russia, said Bruce marks, partner at law firm Marks & Sokolov and the former Senator of Pennsylvania.

On Wednesday, trump announced the resignation of attorney General, head of the Ministry of justice of Jeff and Roman sessions and appointed Matthew Whitaker acting attorney General. The US President repeatedly criticized and Roman sessions, including publicly, for the way he led the Ministry of justice. The resignation was announced the day after the midterm elections in the U.S. Congress, the results of which the Democrats gained control of the house of representatives, but Republicans retained it in the Senate.

“The appointment of Matt Whitaker’s acting Prosecutor General may be the beginning of the end for the investigation of spectracolor Muller. It seems that President trump wanted to see whether Republicans retain control of the Senate (the election on Tuesday — ed.) before he fired Jeff and Roman sessions. Republicans not only retained control, but also increased his advantage. This will allow the President to Trump ultimately to appoint a permanent replacement (Sesna),” said Marx. The US attorney General and other senior officials, from the Senate.

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