LAV – Yu. Greece is ready to surrender their city to the US army

Visit of the Minister of defence of Greece of Panos Kammenos in the USЛАВ – ю. Греция готова сдать свои города армии США© Photo : courtesy of the press service of the Ministry of national defence of Greece, like, it seems that the chances of Warsaw on the “Fort-trump” above. In contrast to Poland Greece will not pay for it. But, unlike Poland, she and away from Russia. Therefore, not on the front line calling, and as the resort.

Well Poland. There is a history of phantom pain. She always lacks something, and now armed Americans. But in Greece it seems like all there is, and it is there. However, while Greece is only the Court. In the Bay with the same name, on the island of Crete, conveniently located naval base of the United States. And Athens, I kind of want and trial, and there. Because the places here are wonderful. And all need to protect. Larissa, Alexandroupoli, Volos.

The Minister of national defence Panos Kammenos, being in Washington, like a true pimp, offered a colleague, James Mattis all to see. And stay. It says, it is important that the Pentagon has uncovered their weapon on a regular basis. Because Greece, the US is a strategic partner and ally, “the only thing I would dare to say,” Kammenos showed great courage, saying has to face the very Mattis. No wonder his parents named Panos. Words are flowing by themselves. “You, – he persisted – so many new security tools that can protect us from undesirable consequences”.

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And all you need to make supply points and airfields, which are already used for transporting American troops and equipment in Eastern Europe, in full military targets. Want the island of Karpathos and they want to withdraw from the Turkish base Incirlik F-22 and Patriot – all right. In General, the whole of Ellada in your location.

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